Rammohan College

Rammohan College

A Unit of Brahmo Samaj Education Socitety
NAAC Re-Accredited B++ College

Raja Rammhan Roy

Principal's Message

Rammohan College, Principal

When we educate a person, only an individual is educated, but if we educate a woman –we educate the whole family. Perhaps the illustrated group of patriotic and selfless Brahmo leaders of Brahmo Samaj, founded by Raja Rammohan Roy thought similarly.

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Welcome to Rammohan College

Rammohan College owes its origin to City College, Calcutta which is one of the oldest first grades College in West Bengal. It was founded in 1881 by a band of patriotic and selfless Brahmo leaders like Ananda Mohan Bose, Pandit Sivnath Sastri and Umesh Chandra Dutta. Rastraguru Surendranath Banerjee later joined the College as teacher. Up to 1961 City College had a women's Department in morning which has separately affiliated in 1961 to the Calcutta University and renamed as Rammohan College.

The aim of College according to the founders, is to promote the cause of education in its highest and widest sense, to make education a comprehensive training of the mind, heart and body, and founded on theistic basis conductive to the good of man and glory of God.

The College is open to all female students irrespective of race, creed or caste. It has record of brilliant result. The college located at 102/1, Raja Rammohan Sarani, Kolkata-700 009. It is one of the city group College administered by Brahmo Samaj Society, a registered Society, constituted by the Sadharan Brahmo Samaj, Calcutta.

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